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The Future of Waste NdFeB Rare Earth Permanent Magnets and their Role in a Circular Economy
Abstract Summary

Hard rock mechanical cutting is a step forward in challenging underground mining conditions. RockVader EIT RM project introduces User Centric Noise Ranking for noise reduction and protection in continuous cutting. This gives several production benefits. Operators do not get strained, costly mistakes are avoided, and regulations are fulfilled.



Full Abstract

Hard rock mechanical cutting is a step forward in challenging underground mining conditions. Instead of drilling and blasting, the continuous process offers several environmental, safety, and economical benefits in harsh conditions. With continuous mining, the blasting noise does not exist, but there are other noise sources. Thus, it is vital to ensure proper noise conditions for the workers. The main noise source is the cutting process. There are also other noteworthy noise sources, such as bolting and dust extraction. The best strategy is to rank and reduce the most significant noise sources. For that, we have developed in RockVader EIT RM project a User Centric Noise Ranking method, where the human experience defines the criteria. The noise reduction is often not possible for the main noise sources. However, it is possible to reduce noise transmission and protect the operators. Due to the high noise levels, superior solutions for noise protection are required, such as cabins and Personal Protection Equipment. Proper noise conditions give several direct and indirect production benefits. The most important benefit is that skilled operators do not get strained and unfocused due to the noise, and costly mistakes are avoided. Furthermore, the advanced noise protection essentially warrants that regulations are fulfilled. Additionally, this makes mine a more attractive working place, which offers a competitive edge, both for the machinery manufacturers and the mine proprietors.


PS6 - Resource Efficiency Cities

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Wed Feb 13 2019 16:32:34 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


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